• No. More kids today need "hands-on" discipline and they won't end up as convicts.
  • Not if used judiciously. *I* got the belt several times. Never was switched. EITHER can be over-done (for example: to the point that the person is bleeding and/or scarred). Slapping is pretty much out-of-line in every situation EXCEPT in the situation where someone old enough to know better speaks vulgarity to a woman. *** In my day, and in the locale where I lived, teachers "paddled" unruly students. The "paddle" was a wooden board with a handle, smooth polished and laquered and with air holes. (The shop teacher made a new paddle for every new teacher.) Yeah: some of those teachers were pretty buff, and a few two-handed swats on your butt with the paddle would teach you a lesson you wouldn't soon forget while being pretty completely safe for the student (bruises on your butt: yes; but no bleeding or scarring).
  • No, its not abuse. If you were slapped in the face, I think that is not appropriate, but not abuse.

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