• At some point no one else in the world will need US weapons. What happened to all the weapons you sent to Ukraine? If they were any good why didn't Ukraine win? Keep your scumbag politicans in the USA please. Can't the USA make anything else? Will you all ever control the rich scumbags that run your country? Does the average American love war reading this makes me wonder?
    • Linda Joy
      I'm not even sure what this is about, but your answer is offensive. If you have questions for all Americans, why not ask them to all Americans instead of attacking this member personally? "What happened to all the weapons you sent to Ukraine?" I seriously doubt this person sent one single weapon to Ukraine! If you want to complain about the government then complain about the government, don't attack this individual user. If you don't like the question its fine to say you don't like the question, but don't attack people for asking questions!!! This isn't YAHOO ANSWERS!! Go to Amazon and see if you can buy some manners!!
  • I don't watch the news regularly. Its depressing. The only news I heard regarding "overseas" not sure to where you're referring... was that the Queen of England died. Do you think this will cause increased war?

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