• The old A/C may have frozen over and letting it sit for a few days allowed the frost to melt. However, this often means there is a problem that will return.
  • That happened to me with a toaster oven. Only it was the outlet that quit working and I thought it was the oven. I put the new one in the closet for a backup. In your case, if it hasn't been delivered yet, contact the seller and cancel, hopefully before they ship it. But this will all depend on the return policy. It will also depend on if this is a central unit or a window unit. Down here you can always use two window units. I had three, one for each bedroom.
  • what stopped the old unit if its fault in the unit it will happen again. Isn't it worth fixing? How energy effiecent is a $1500 unit? Did it have power?
  • Don't take any wooden nickels. *** A penny saved is a penny earned. *** Mom is always right. *** A job worth doing is worth doing well.

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