• The answer is do not agree. The system is not unjust, it's HUMAN. We only have humans to operate any systems on Earth and you know how they are. The seven deadly sins have been with us from the beginning.
  • Its time for the people to stand up and take the world back before the elite destroy the planet. The baby boomers wont help they took all and gave nothing.
  • Where do you live? And what do you think is unjust about your "system"?
    • Linda Joy
      And why does the Answerbag system say you've asked 4 questions but none are available in your questions list on your profile page? Surely you haven't been PB'd already?!!
    • 11stevo73
      You know why, the other questions asked have been deleted you were probably one of the people that had them deleted. If you can't work that out you what is wrong with you?
    • Linda Joy
      I was talking to justice77 and I'm not familiar with that handle. I have not reported any of that person's questions, yet. The answer to what's wrong with me is not one I have time to answer fully and honestly at this time and is not the question I chose to answer. Oh, and it could be construed by some to be a personal attack. You need to watch that, stevo if you have any wish whatsoever to not have your comments/answers/questions deleted.

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