• Hey, Tonto, pass me some deer meat. Oh, great. Thousands of European Immigrants show up at the door during dinner time...
  • Smallpox.
  • Out here in CA. we were first contacted by the Spanish. They would often raid our towns and take as many captives as they could to labor in their missions and other projects they needed labor for. They split up families by forcing men and women into separate "dormitory" style living conditions. They used whips to punish "transgressions". An armored conquistador on an armored horse was like a Sherman tank of the era. We were stuck with them for a couple hundred years. This is one reason so many of us have Spanish surnames. Then the Mexicans fought their war against the Spanish and threw them out of the country and they took over. They dismantled the mission system and divided up the lands among their own people. They kept using us as "los peones" but they took the lands the padres were using us to farm, leaving many tribes landless. They only lasted about 35 years before they got into their war with the Americans, and lost a huge chunk of land in the treaty of Guadlupe Hidalgo. Then the gold rush happened and hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world swooped into our mountains destroying our resources and killing any ndns who resisted. Up north at fort Jones they invited hundreds of people to a big feast. They laced the beef with strychnine though, and many people died writhing in agony. The first American governor of CA, Peter Burnett, practically ordered our extermination. Between the diseases and the genocide, many of our tribes were wiped out to the last individual. The movie "avatar was based on the CA gold rush. Except the planet didn't rise up to save us. Here is a good story about the era.

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