• I've never taken bitcoin or any of the other monetary scams seriously. They're supposed to be "insurance" to protect you from an economic collapse. But one has to ask oneself - how are they traded? They're sold electronically - the same way that the ACH system operates to add/subtract money into or from your bank account. And when you consider that none of the funds in your account are actually hard cash - it's nothing more than an accountant's report of what you are worth. So which of the shiny "safety nets" is better? Which can do anything more or less than the current ACH system? They have to keep track of my balance and whatever system they use will keep it straight.
  • It's very hard to predict what it will do in the short term. EVENTUALLY (over the period of a few years) it will rise significantly (practically ALL of the experts are agreed on that). Whether or not it is going to fall significantly further in the short term (less than a year) is something NOT agreed by the experts.
  • Lets buy now hopefully the dip doesn't drop any lower. $20,030.66 sell at $23k is the thinking.
      Hmff. I initially bought much higher (26-30k range). I'm hoping it will go lower still, at which point I'll buy and wait 'til it gets back up to the 40k+ range, which it should certainly do after the recession is over.
    • 11stevo73
      I brought the dip and its dipped.
  • Is Bitcoin is a way for suckers to lose money? How many silly young people will buy more thinking it will go back up? I still come across millennials that think they are going to be crypto millionaires and never need to work. 19/09 $18,464.50

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