• Probably not. Why were you giving him and his girl friend money are you stupid as you know he wont pay you back. You wont be able to get any out of him leagally.
  •, not as it stands. "Legally separated" means that the courts have already divided property and debts incurred during the marriage. Your (poor) decision to continue to "help him and his girlfriend out" is not legally part of the marriage and so not legally a debt that he must repay...not unless there was a mutual agreement for him to repay this post-separation "help", and in that case you can sue for repayment of that "help" (rather than for half of the money he won). * In other words: you can only sue him for what he has agreed to repay. You can't sue him for stuff he's acquired since the legal separation. You can sue him for (A) stuff that he's damaged since the legal separation, or (B) stuff that he has agreed to repay since the legal separation
  • It depends on the state you live in.

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