• Rubbish, huh? Aussies didn't think that way a few years ago when they were putting Chevy badges on their Holden cars. Apparently, your own car company was such an embarrassment that you had to disguise them as one of ours. 😆 I buy only GM cars.😏
    • 11stevo73
      Holden wasn't really australian was it .only boy racers put chev badges on holdens. Do you think LS engines last well are leaky rear mains dropping oil on the driveway the norm?
    • 11stevo73
      Every LS powered commodore Ive seen on a hoist with more than 100k km on it had a leaing rear main.
  • It means nothing GM has had as many recalls as anyone else.
  • My experience with GM quality has been very strong... Every GM car I have ever owned new since the late 70's has been rock solid. This year my 2002 STS I buy with 360VIR needed a $80 steering sensor... and that's it... Last year it "needed" a $90 seat warmer element... and that's it... I shake my head at people who "have to have" an extended warranty on GM cars because of "quality issues".. Sure GM has had some bad designs and some engineering duds... But so has every manufacture.
    • Army Veteran
      $90 for a seat warmer element? Wow - they saw you coming. I got my seat warmer for free...and she even cooks (not that good, but what can you expect from used?).
    • 11stevo73
      ITs 20 years old will the thing pass a critical safety check aka roadworthy? It would never pass a roadworthy around here there will be plenty wrong with it unless its hardly been driven anywhere.

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