• Hi 😊 Try several methods: Examine the condition of the battery. Select Apple About This Mac System Report Power from the menu. It's time to replace it if the Mac indicates anything like Service Battery in the Condition field. Utilize third-party apps to check the battery. Install coconutBattery as an example. System Management Controller should be reset (SMC). If the battery is in good shape, the SMC may be the source of the issues. Reduce the amount of charge used. To find out which applications use the most battery on your Mac, open Launchpad Others Activity Monitor Energy. Only use demanding applications like Photoshop or Premiere Pro when your laptop is powered by the mains. Try switching to the more energy-efficient Safari browser rather than Firefox or Google Chrome. If these tips do not fit, I advise you to turn to online specialists. I consulted with Howly
  • Unfortunately, most types of batteries store less and less power with use and/or time. The solution is to replace the battery. Once it gets SO frustrating that you're willing to pay the price for a new battery, do so.

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