• Well, if you're not going to take the advice of your vet, why should we even try?
  • If you've tried everything such as the leaving him for a minute then building up to five minutes, then 10, with a radio on, and all the other things that take time and patience, and it's not working, then your vet might be saying that this is a mental thing that your dog is suffering that can only be relieved with medication. I had a friend with this breed, and her one was highly strung, but I don't think her energy and anxious state helped the dog either, in fact dogs pick up on this, it use to bark at everything and instead of ignoring him, she use to feed into it. It had no boundaries and so it didn't know it's place in the pack, a dog that doesn't know it's place is naturally anxious. These dogs are natural herders, have you tried an activity to engage the dogs instinct and drain energy?

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