• It's "Mercedes bends". The "bends" is a condition that affects the body when it experiences quick pressure changes such as what divers experience if they surface too fast. In this case, it describes the mental feeling the lady had because she dreamed of a Tiffany lifestyle beyond her means.
  • She's a gold-digger.😉
    • Army Veteran
      The song is about a cocaine addiction.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Okay, she's a gold-digger addicted to cocaine. lol
    • Linda Joy
    • Army Veteran
      Just great! I offer a bit of sophisticated knowledge and I get an intelligence-challenged Liberal and his groupie. (Lord...what did I do today to get punished for...?)
  • Money hungry. Does that reflect you, much? The way you brag about your expensive purses, clothes, furnishings, watches? OMGosh! I never realized till you posted this how much it describes you!
    • Army Veteran
      How do you know about my expensive purses?
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      OMG, 1465 is a Transvestite?

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