• Before they had spectators I would have said no, but since they have grown spectators I'd say yes.
  • Yes . Each game develops cognitive functions to some extent.
  • It should be an Olympic sport. Also: Extreme Tiddlywinks and Ultimate Hopscotch.
  • Yes video games should be considered a sport when they are played in front of spctators watching them.
  • Doesn't sport imply physical activity? I'm not into video games, kids wasting time on games learning nothing annoys me, my friends kids do it often. What life skills does playing Call of Duty or Minecraft tech one of my freinds children are now 15 and 16 they have been playing silly games their whole life they know nothing they are fat and lazy. Ask the said children whats 9 times 7 they will pull up the calculator to get the answer.
  • No. Looking at a screen pressing buttons on a pad with your fingers is not a sport.
  • Far as I'm concerned, if Bowling's a sport, Gaming's a sport. Those E-sports athletes tend to be in better shape than bowlers, and that's only because they value reaction times and cognitive function so highly. Interesting aside: Town Planning was once an Olympic sport, if you need a lower standard than bowling.
    • mushroom
      The first 40 years of the modern Olympics included several categories of arts competition including Town Planning. I'd like to see someone enter the elephant that paints its own self-portrait.
  • No, it's the modern equivalent of playing a board game- the screen is the board.
  • They are competitive.

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