• Hendrix, with honourable mention of Jimmy Page.
  • Never been much into the music of legendary rock guitarists. My first pick for rock guitarist would be Mark Knopfler (specifically: "Sultans of Swing"). Second would be classic U2 (first two albums). Third would be classic Pretenders (first two albums). But I DO like Clapton's "Journeyman" album (but the guitar track is not the main thing that I like about that album). *** Give me Yes or classic (pre-1980s) Rush any day.
  • For me, its either Santana for Abraxas or Hendrix for Voodoo Child, and Watchtower. Clapton is good but Layla doesn't stand up to Voodoo Child or Soul Sacrifice.
  • Those guys are good and I can think of many other but for the best I would have to say either Roy Clark or Brian Setzer.
  • Keith Urban
  • Why didn't you just ask me to cut off my head??? I love ALL 3 you named!!! Still, I'm going to jump ship & name Stevie Ray Vaughan. Eric said that SRV was the GOAT. Eric wouldn't let any other performer use his guitar...EXCEPT for SRV & Eric offered his guitar to SRV on several occasions!!! Jimi said SRV did his songs better than he did them himself. Carlos & SRV were so different in style that I found it difficult to decide there; however, Carlos said he felt SRV was brilliant. So, now, who am I to argue with Carlos Santana??? OK, I'm back to my original choice...Stevie Ray Vaughan!!! 😎😊😍
  • All 3 mentioned are legends among others. There are many rock legends who will be remembered for their brilliant songs
  • Arguably, Eddie Van Halen is the most influential rock guitarist, followed by Hendrix. Maybe Eddie Lang as the most influential guitarist ever, followed by Les Paul. But for sheer guitar talent, check out Buckethead, Guthrie Govan, or Matthias "IA" Eklundh. Truly transcendent stuff with plenty of representation of different styles and tons of different techniques.

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