• They lack proper health treatment and have no family to care for them
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Thanks for sharing!
    • Moving Violation
      Excellent~Dance with Wolves March 17 2022
  • Not all of them are. But there are lots of reasons they could be. Old people hurt more often, many have lost friends and family, maybe they lost their retirement savings to this unreasonable inflation. The youth have lost respect for their elders. Maybe all the stuff they learned in their life is obsolete and they have to learn how to use a cell phone or computer just to get by nowadays. A lot of them may have been fiercely independent then lost the use of limbs, eyes, hearing, etc and now need help they may even resent needing. Maybe they have to drink their steak through a straw because they don't have any teeth left. Maybe their underwear is too tight, Who knows!
    • Moving Violation
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you! I'm talking from experience on some of these things!
  • i have never had an old stranger act grumpy with me ,....i never act grumpy with strangers

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