• i never do that much ,i may freeze my soup if i cook too much....may freeze chick peas now and then ..i just cook stove top popcorn or have a bowl cereal for snack as i rarely eat cereal at breaky time ..or have tomato and cheese on a biscuit ,or have some nuts.or some times chips ..sorry im not much help for cooked snacks lol
      Thanks for the answer. Yeah, stovetop popcorn just can't be beat by microwave popcorn. I found out recently that using corn oil makes it taste even better. (I used to use canola oil.) The difference in flavor is not huge, but definitely better with corn oil.
  • Cheese sticks, or jalapeno poppers.
      Yeah, I love the mozzarella sticks in my air fryer. Ragu Simply Marinara sauce is GREAT for dipping sauce. MUCH better than the others.

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