• "...the wife of a businessman who does not believe she has a problem" After three DUIs, why would he imagine that she doesn't "have a problem"? At the least, he ought to recognize what a problem it would be for him if she were to be imprisoned for a lengthy time after her next DUI conviction.
  • I think there's only so much you can do, especially with alcoholism, it's the same cycle, until the situation reaches a point that it changes.
  • Being a Probation & Parole Officer, he has responsibilities that he can't afford to go against. He may have a certain amount of discrepancy but with her history, there is no more rope to give her. If she has violated her probation (and drinking alcohol would do that since staying away from it would be part of the conditions of probation), she would need to be incarcerated.
  • You could always hire a keeper until she sobers up. Antabuse can be an alternative. Go to an AA meeting online or you can also get an atheistic AA group too.
    • Army Veteran
      With her history, every AA group within 500 miles is probably well-familiar with her. Interesting that you would suggest an Atheistic AA group when religion was never mentioned. Is Atheism taught by Liberal University or is it a prerequisite for being a Liberal? I notice a close association between the two that Conservatives don't seem to have. Do you get points or credits from your Liberal leaders to bring new Atheist members to the meetings? Just wondering...
    • Hulk70166
      I am told by a friend that AA has online meetings now since the Pandemic. Some of those meetings are non-religious. You should check it out sometime. It might help you.

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