• what his maid said . How many lawsuits did he settle and payout millions of dollars? He was a rockspider.
    • anonymous
      Are you sure she isn't working for the people that claimed what Michael Did?
  • You mean...invent the "moon walk"?
    • 11stevo73
      hes asking if Micheal was a rockspider you know it. I take that as lying hence why I think all chuchies are deceitful .
      Since I don't know what a "rockspider" is - unless that's some kind of a spider - I'm pretty sure that I don't know what you pretend that I know.
  • He was a grown adult sharing his bed with other peoples children, that isn't ok, let alone the rest of it. Jordan Chandler identified distinctive marks on MJ's penis and bottom, why would he know this if he hadn't seen either, this is what led to the pay out.
  • Probably but we will never know for sure.
    • 11stevo73
      Isn't the testimony of his victims enough for you? How many rockspiders would you like to cover for?
  • Those people did not show evidence that Michael Jackson committed a crime. Their words are not enough. When the police raided his home back in the 90s they did not find evidence of what he was claimed to have done. When some people hear an adult in bed with children they think sexual but they only assume. It’s called ignorance and getting the wrong idea.

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