• give nothing but love for the pup, dont force anything on him ..but really you need real expert advice there ,cause the wrong advice may be harmful to the pup....maybe some one was cruel to the pup so he dont trust humans
  • Bring in a smaller pup and let them tangle naturally. Or you could take some expert advice:,positive%2C%20like%20a%20tasty%20treat.
  • This is a herding breed, they often try to herd members of the family. My sister had one, he needs a place where he can hide away from children so he can sleep, they sleep a lot when they are pups. my sister had a cat igloo for hers. They must have boundaries, where they can and can't go, they have to know their order in the pack, to feel secure, and not end up unstable. Stroking under the chin, rather than over head is better as it lifts the head and makes them feel better, and even raising their tail manually will lift there mood. Regular walks in order to drain energy or else they can become yappy and unstable. And socialize them while they are young. But as I've said these little dogs actually do need their own space to relax and feel safe.

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