• He would have spoken about Moshiach.
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      Thanks for sharing!
  • Too many to mention, people identified as prophets (either self-proclaimed or proclaimed by their followers). We might start with the leaders of the Christian Gnostics. We can mention the leader(s) of the Cathars. We can mention the Millennial prophets (those who taught that the year 1000 would be the year that Satan would be unbound and mislead all the World and, shortly after, Armageddon - in contradiction to what "the church" at the time taught.). We can mention the leaders of the flagellants. We can mention the Adventist prophets (both those of the 19th century and later ones, up to modern times, such as Camping and van Impe, who claim to know the time of Christ's return), the many (many) Mormon prophets, the Black Hebrew Nationalist prophets, the Shaker prophet(s), the Rastafarian prophet(s). etc. etc. etc. (I'm overlooking a LOT.) Of course we can also mention prophets of other religions that (intentionally) draw many Christians away from Christianity, such as Muhammad, Moon, Jim Jones, etc.

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