• It wont be from the generation that sold us out will it? Good on ya grandpa you gave the country away go and borrow kamala's kneepads. Why do old traitors continue to steal your grand childrens wealth. Why is Patethic Joe in the white house who is the puppet master?
  • I hope so. That gang was never known for their intelligence so yeah, lets see what happens. Maybe they should give out awards for things like "most things stolen from Nancy Pelosi's offce" or "most prolific window breaker" or "most creative costume" lol. Buffalo guy (Janice Chansley) wins that one. lol😈
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Oh, Hulk have balls. Stevie has no brains. lol - And the Shaman was using every pose he could think of to get us to see them too.

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