• well for a starter, teach him what no means,use a very stern voice so he knows you are not a happy!!! smacking him etc ..just Praise when he does good ....use tiny treats for good behaviour{ tiny so ya dont make him fat } being patient is important as puppies take a while to grow up ....and if he is alone as you work he needs some toys to amuse him..ones that have treats in them.,,maybe watch some dog training videos if they have them, theres some Tv shows where a vet shows how to fix bad behaviour ..normally its bored dogs or dogs wanting attention that play up..see when naughty you give them attention..just like kids really..when you want him to go the toilet...say toilet etc and say same thing over each time..and stay there til he goes to the toilet and then praise him up real lots..good boy!! etc etc
  • My aunt taught hers to use the crate to do her business ( poop and pee )
  • Pay a professional. It will be worth the money.

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