• T-Gel/Neutrogena, Head and Shoulders, Vosene. Wash hair in warm, not hot water.
  • Depends on cause. It could be you have a scalp infection, in which case no shampoo is going to help, and you'll need to see a dermatologist. But try an oily scalp shampoo and a copper comb for a month to see if it makes a difference. If it doesn't. then it's probably best to see a derma.
  • I've always had a mild case of dandruff. I use cheap dandruff shampoo (Suave), it works great for me.
  • Hello. See, in order to overcome your problem, you must first find out its cause. Like, for example, if your car stopped running, you won’t think that the whole problem is changing the oil, when in fact you have a punctured tire? Therefore, I recommend reading this article. Here are the typical causes and possible solutions for each case. Have a good day!
  • I agree you can't really prescribe a cure when you don't know the cause or type of hair. Some people have hair that will break if its shampooed too often some people have hair that will make too much oil if they shampoo too often so hair type matters. Some people don't know that the more often you shampoo with sulfates the more your scalp tries to make oil to compensate for the oil having been removed by the shampoo. When you add oil to your hair the less your scalp makes. Brushing your hair stimulates and also cleans some of the clogged pores. But if your condition is caused by a bacteria or insect infestation, regular shampoo is not going to fix it. I used to have hair before I had to take chemo. Oh well, at least the cancer is gone! You could just ask your school nurse or hair stylist if you can't afford a dermatologist. Or your local doctor when you go to get immunized. I don't know your access to medical care, either.
  • I suggest you wash your hair with nothing but plain water. That's what I started doing 10 years ago and I no longer have that problem. A lot of people say that that happens because you're stripping the natural oils from your hair. My personal take on it is that it happens because you have a low-level allergy to the coal tar derivatives in shampoo. The reason I think that is that for some years I used permanent hair dye. After using it for awhile, I developed a full-blown allergy to it. The ingredient that causes the allergy is a coal tar derivative. So my belief is that I always had that allergy, the difference being that only a small amount of shampoo remains on your head after you rinse as compared to the hair dye, which remains for weeks.
  • If you have a mild case of dandruff, Suave for Dandruff does great (and it's cheap). If you need more anti-dandruff power, try Head & Shoulders. If that is still not enough, try Selsun Blue.

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