• Trigonometry and I almost flunked it. I had the retake the first half at the same time I was taking the second half. I passed with a score of 66. 65 was passing. lol
  • Bach Sci in Physics, which includes things like differential equations (which otherwise only Math majors and engineers do). Also: lots of stuff with matrices and tensors. (WOW, what a pain that was! Hours to work out a single problem - I mean, IF you knew exactly how to do it, hours to do the math calculations for a single problem...) But: less math than a Bach Sci in Math.
  • Puh! Math was a language I could never understand for some reason. I made it thru general math with average grades. I can do all the math I required for my day to day living needs, but I never made it thru any of the higher mathematics that many people did.

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