• will only happen if murdered or suspicious or ya loved ones ask for it
  • Pretty tough to ask for anything if you're already dead.
    • Linda Joy
      Not really.
  • You need to prepare an advance directive. Ask your primary care provider for one.
  • Yes. See: "living will". Make sure the executor of your will makes your (legally-binding) wishes known. Note, though, that in some cases (for example: if you die under suspicious circumstances), the court can overrule your will and order an autopsy.
  • I don't think that autopsies are done unless there is something questionable about the death. If a death certificate declares death to be caused by natural causes there won't be any autopsy performed. If the state decides they need to do the autopsy over suspicious circumstances of the death, your final requests against it won't matter at all.
  • some religions prohibit it

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