• I don't claim that my grammar is perfect (it certainly isn't), but it's typically better than that of MOST other people I know.
  • Grammar is the one thing in high school that I flunked with flying colors. Once I grew up, however, I noticed a sudden change in my literary grammar. My spoken grammar is still way out in left field, but in my writings, I'm much more meticulous. It helps to have an extension to point out errors, as well.
    • Charin Cross
      Do they still teach grammar in school? They're so busy making room for CRT, LGBTQ acceptance and global warming, it's no wonder every other word out of a kid's mouth these days is profane! Grammar is going the way of the dodo just like penmanship and cursive writing.
  • I learned grammar mostly from reading. I was a voracious reader when I was growing up.
  • Yeah he lives next door, he has been suffering constipation, he has problems with his semicolon.

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