• Well, I wasn't ready for Covid, you always think "not in my lifetime," so I'll doubt I'll be ready for the apocalypse. However, I do believe 911 was an inside job, a demolition, heralding the new world order due to it's kabbalah traits of the three pillars, 11 being the twin towers of jachin and boaz, and the seventh being the number of perfection, due to the lord's creation in seven days. Hence, the perfected man or the Great Work in freemasonry. September is the 7th month, October the eighth, hence 7/11, so it can be either or, interestingly, the 9th of Av, is the date that both the first and second temples of Jerusalem were destroyed, that is no coincidence, and it doesn't matter if the numbers are back to front. But, I am aware that the Lucis trust is sponsored by the UN, and it's based upon Lucifer as the saviour of mankind, and the fallen angels referred to here as the solar angels. So either the bible is a plan and in of itself is a way of creating the great reset, or the bible is true, and so the apocalypse will be true, fancy that, all these years and it turns out to be true? Here's the link:
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      Excellent answer thanks
  • What is an "appoloclipse"? You must mean the "apocalypse" and the supposed time left on the doomsday clock. I hope no one takes that seriously (even though I know a lot of you intelligence-challenged sheep do). Because I have a question if you do: "how is it that there was never a need for such a timing mechanism over the thousands of years the earth has been in existence?" "Why is it that suddenly, in 1947, the end of the world was imminent?" 1947 was the year the Cold War started and also the year when the UN voted in favor of an independent Jewish state in Israel - both significant events that could start WW3 but, as we have seen, the Cold War ended in 1991 ("resetting" the doomsday clock back to 17 minutes), and Israel has almost accomplished its goal of exterminating Palestinians from the face of the earth. Thus, the perceived "pressure" lessens and we're no closer to the end of the world. But then there's "climate change" the con being used to destroy the natural balance of the world's eco structure by eliminating fossil fuels. And, again, the only ones who are buying into that are the intelligence-challenged sheep who live and breathe Leftist propaganda. At present, it is Nov 18, 2021, and the sky hasn't fallen.
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      "I hope no one takes that seriously (even though I know a lot of you intelligence-challenged sheep do)." LOL!! The irony - this, coming from you, the biggest conspiracy-chasing, no-proof TINFOIL HAT member on this entire site!!!
  • No, dear. There will be no apocalypse and no "appoloclipse" in my lifetime. I am not at all concerned, though YOU should be concerned about your poor education -- or else your poor attempts at humor. You really aren't very good at this, sweetie. Then again, Answerbag isn't the place to try out any form of humor. It's a pretty unsophisticated and poorly-managed site, let's face it.
  • Appoloclipse? In July 1969, the Apollo 11 crew members Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins observed a total solar eclipse from space while on their way to the first moon landing. You can see an image here if you missed it the first time around:
  • Is it the spelling and grammar apocalypse? Nov 17 was two days ago - so, what happened? Did your dog stand up on his hind feet and ask for a plate of spaghetti?
  • Who can really say that "I am", If you are referring to the Apocalypse or AKA, Armageddon in the Bible, this term is only used once in the whole Bible at Revelation 16:16 and refers to a war with "the Kings of the earth". The Book of Revelation has a lot of prophetic language that seems disturbing, but after everything Revelation 21:4 Shows that there is a wonderful promise for all mankind with no more death, mourning, pain. So, we don't know what will happen during the Apocalypse, we do know that the Bible promises a wonderful hope of living forever without the problems we face on a daily bases. If you would like more information on this or other Bible topics, please login to
  • On Google, "appoloclipse" comes up as a zombie style project. If you are concerned with zombies 🧟‍♂️, the Apocalypse will bring a lot of hunger, causing people to perhaps eat one another. The Apocalypse is in the making. We do not know when the end will come, but we are given definitive signs, specifically with Israel and their surrounding enemies that will create the battle of Armageddon.
  • The what, now? You on the meth again?

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