• You should join there is no censorship on there
  • I've posted links. And links to pictures. But if you don't like AB you should go somewhere else!
  • I haven't seen anything in the way of censorship - and if anyone knows about censorship, it's me. It stands to reason that a person who isn't satisfied with the way things are handled has a reason - like they have gotten nailed for crossing the line. My advice is to be civil and respectful of others. And don't badmouth the site - moderators don't like it and neither does anyone else.
  • Well...obviously because it's not programmed to allow such. I can think of several POSSIBLE reasons for not allowing such, the most obvious being: by not allowing such they don't have to police the site for illegal or scandalous (read: controversial, likely to cause boycotts and the like) images or links to illegal or scandalous web sites. In other words: ***because it makes it much cheaper to operate the web site***.
  • SPAM!
    • mugwort
      That is what profile is for. Its the place to include your sales links.
  • We can post links, but not pictures or embedded videos. It does seem like Answerbag is censored.
  • Super site
  • If you're so dissatisfied why do you come back? Another reason is that when people post a bunch of pics and gifs it takes forever for the page to load.
  • You can post a link on Answerbag and when that is done, the person about to answer the question can highlight the link and then copy and paste it on a new window in the browser. You could go on Google images and type the image you want others to see. Then click on the image and when the website for that image appears copy and paste the URL to your question on Answerbag for others to copy and paste into their browser window to view it. Just remember to be careful of the images and links you are posting because if it’s spam, pornography or violence, you get reported and then your account gets deleted by Answerbag or inactive for 30 days.
  • They have never upgraded any options in a very long time.

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