• As far as we know, motion CANNOT occur without the passage of time. Since motion, apparently, does exist, it seems likely that time also exists (at least within our Universe).
  • Given the motion of our planet and the obvious passage of time that occurs in that context (the cycle of the seasons, for example), I consider the flow of time to be a reality. Aging is yet more evidence of its reality. Theoretical physics are quite interesting to discuss in the abstract, but the solid evidence of time's passage is all around us, every day.
  • I wouldn't call it "an illusion generated by a sequence of events". It would be more like "an observance" of a sequence of events. Time is a relative measurement that exists only for man. Before man was created, there was no concept of time because there was no one to measure it. Events still took place, but they were irrelevant. In the early days, time was measured by seasons, then came the periods between sunrise and sunset. The sundial (a stick in its earliest form) was probably the first effort to divide the days into equal segments but was crude. Measuring time has been improved upon ever since. But no matter how accurate it becomes, it's still a product of man's inquisitiveness and would never exist without him.
      "Time is a relative measurement that exists only for man." No. Like almost all properties that are measured, the property is NOT the same as the measurement, and the measurement system (scale) IS "relative" (better: a mere invention of the mind of man). So - for example - pressure is a physical property that exists. The MEASUREMENT of pressure is rather arbitrary. What do you want to use? Pascals? Atmospheres? Millimeters of mercury? Pounds per square inch? Regardless of the measurement SYSTEM, the property BEING measured is the same and is real. It exists. Likewise with time. Want to use seconds? Solar years? Martian sols? Fortnights? Regardless of the measurement SYSTEM, the property BEING measured is the same and is real.
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      What "relativity" does your "measurement" have to animals? Or inanimate objects? How does it affect anything but humans? Only conscious awareness and abstract thinking are capable of experiencing changes in time.
  • I think its a dimension connected to space that exists even without observation. It is measured on earth in relation to how the earth moves throughout space. Time on another planet would be measured differently. And just because we didn't observe the explosion of the black hole that created our sun and universe doesn't make it any less relevant in our lives. It is the life force for our universe. Even if we don't understand a bit of it. And just because we aren't there to witness an accident at a certain place in time doesn't mean it was irrelevant to us. In general terms time is a reality on earth, but is measured differently elsewhere.
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      "...measured differently elsewhere" by who?
      Linda: "Time on another planet would be measured differently. " - Yes, but you are comparing MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS. That is: two DIFFERENT systems used to measure the SAME PROPERTY, that property being time. Likewise, Americans (USA) and Brits don't measure length the same way...but STILL the length of a physical item that we DO measure is a property that exists in reality, regardless of what system is used to measure it. Even though we get a different number of different units in each measurement system, the LENGTH of the particular object being measured is the same no matter what measurement system is being used.
    • Linda Joy
      Isn't that what I said? Time on another planet would not be measured the same because it moves through space differently, but it is the same amount of time.
  • Some scientists say that time is an emergent property of matter. Others' that we are the emergent property since it is our brain that creates the concept. The mystic states that the only reality is in the NOW, that the past and present cannot exist in the NOW, and that if one was to experience the NOW, he would unite with the absolute, and realise "the self" doesn't exist.

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