• I don't intend to have one. In my view, cremation is the best option. If people feel the need to visit a gravesite, they can visit the place where ashes have been scattered, or even keep the ashes at home, in a nice urn. Peaceful and pretty (and even instructive) as they often are, cemeteries are just not a sensible use of land.
    • Charin Cross
      I agree Victorine. I don't want the worms to get me. Besides graves cost as much as a 1/4 of a house these days.
    • Linda Joy
      Wow, I never thought about it because the VA will pay to bury me. But its not the worms that get you. Its the beetles!. And I agree with Victorine that its not a responsible use of limited resources.
  • 1465, U R WRONG! lol, jk, jk, jk lol😈
  • I never answered this one. So, what are you talking about Hulk70156?
    • Linda Joy
      I think he was kidding that he wanted that quote written on his tombstone.
    • Army Veteran
    • dalcocono
      Yup, he just wanted to have the "last word">
  • "Still none the wiser" or "I told you I was ill."
  • Not sure - but whatever it is, I want it written in pepperoni.
  • Live, Love and Laugh!
  • See ya, wouldn't want to be ya...or maybe more seriously: I place my trust in God.
  • If somebody puts up a tombstone wherever they place my cremains, they could write "washee na mum tashay" It means "I'll see you later" in my language.
  • Finally....quiet neighbours.

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