• Every generation has its day. While the Beatles opened the door to modern rock music, it was the "Surf Sound" that took it to the next level and ran away with it. Whether culture dictates music or music dictates the direction of culture is difficult to say. But as the music evolved away from beach music, surfing made a shift as well.
  • When they stopped writing songs and making movies about surfers, the sport just faded away again to the ones who always loved it. A trip to the CA coast will show you surfers still trying to catch a wave. Some of them young and some of them not so young.
  • There are still plenty of surfers. Why else do you think it's now an Olympic sport? What faded away was an obsession with southern California fueled by beach movies set there and various musical groups. It was really a post-war phenomenon, in the 50s and 60s, partly associated with the oldest baby boomers and the post-war development of the West Coast.
  • It turned into the skateboard craze of the 70's when polyurethane wheels were invented and the water shortage in California left pools empty.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh, and as bostjan pointed out JAWS scared everyone out of the water!
    • Hulk70156
      LOL. I'm sure that had quite a lot to do with it, lol

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