• That's just plain nonsense. It was Trump who made a deal with the Taliban that essentially handed the country over to them, and it was Trump who released thousands of Taliban prisoners in US custody.
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      There have been reports of Trump making such deals with the Taliban. But before everyone gets their panties bunched up, it was supposedly done for a reason. Trump tried for years to get the countries involved to start taking responsibility for their own defense and stop leeching off of the United States. It has been feared that the Taliban will take US weapons and use them against America - just as it was claimed that Osama BinLaden used the weapons given to him by the US and attacked the WTC and other buildings on 9-11. Nothing could be farther from the truth - BinLaden did no such thing and protested his innocence many times. 9-11 was an inside job by our own government and they used BinLaden as a scapegoat - just as they're using the Taliban as scapegoats.
  • Oh, and for the direct answer to the question, we'll see that just as soon as Fox can do some photoshopping and find some video they can mislabel. They're good at finding video of crowds of men in the Middle East and labeling the location as the southern border or somewhere in Mexico.
  • They already have. Hopefully it won't get worse, and if it does, the ACLU doesn't decide to defend their "right" to enter.
  • You got that right. They'll slip a few onto the planes leaving Kabul. How long before there's another 9/11?
  • As I hear it, the islamaholics are already so firmly established in Minnesota in general (and Minneapolis in particular) there are already 'no-go' zones with their own 'shariathug' patrols (er, I mean wonderfully ethnic neighborhood watch groups). Plus plenty of cameljockeys continously imported into Cucked Canada, so eventually there will have to be an overflow from the very porous northern border.
  • They've already invaded our country.

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