• Ask Quora. Their moderators are the people to explain. You didn't even post the complete question here, but one thing I can tell you is that it looks to be too general, or else to call for mere opinion. It may also be insulting to women. That's not the sort of question Quora approves.
  • That site has terrible questions posted but they don't take them down and I never said anything wrong but they banned my account on there my advice is to choose a website that is comfortable, I go on and never have a problem. You make up a username and when you reach levels 1-2 you will be able to ask more questions. You can make poll questions also there are ways to block people if they bother you. You can go under anonymous to ask questions or answer questions also depends if the poster allows anonymous to be used also if someone comes on your opinion you can press a button that says refuses to see this and it's good
  • I don't trust any website that makes me use my real first and last name. too easy to get doxxed in this cancel culture climate. that also makes the moderators more likely to censure questions like yours that would probably incite a writing riot!! LOL! But that's what I love about free speech!
  • I don't know, I don't use Quora. Have you asked them what's wrong with your question?
  • i dont think the feminists or the others want men to open doors etc etc for them...but yeah no one is allowed any opinion anymore online ..and i have heard bad things about that site...i myself love it when i see gentleman stand up and give me their seat on the train.. and a couple years ago that happened a few times when i was on crowded trains and even a nice school kid gave me his seat and that was awesome!! and i praise em up and say how nice to see gentlemen

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