• THIS IS A REPEAT OF THE QUESTION SINCE SOME MAY BE CHOPPED OFF ABOVE. There is currently a viral posting on TicToc called "Are You Predictable". If you know nothing about it then go here first.    DO NOT READ FURTHER UNLESS YOU WANT TO A KNOW WHY THE TRICK WORKS    You are given a Tic Tac Toe arrangement of squares. You start in a specific square. You are to make a given number of moves on each turn up, down, or sideways. After a move a square that you are supposedly not on is removed. The trick gives a set pattern of numbers and square removals. I understand the basic reasoning behind how it works. I would like to extend the trick by allowing any numbers to be pickled by each audience member. I would tell the audience to pick any even (or odd) number and I remove a square based on only knowing even or odd. I have tried it a few times and it seems to work. Could others see if there is a glitch in my reasoning.

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