• because they are seeing the light. this country is suffering, possibly irreparable, damage under Biden. this door-knocking to check on whether people are vaccinated is a CLEAR violation of human civil and Constitutional rights! And I just paid $3.50/gal. for gas yesterday thanks to that demented communist old coot.
  • More lies, I see. Why are you so gullible and so ready to believe everything some far-right extremist site tells you?
    • Linda Joy
      You do the same thing with the liberal agenda, hypocrite.
  • Thank you, Kevin for not abandoning what you believe just because the liberals are ganging up on you. If they don't stop with the name calling and insults I may have to spend more time here flagging trolls. Its fine to disagree and discuss but the bullying needs to stop. As for the question its because he can't even convincingly read what the puppet masters wrote on the card for him to read!! But I'm pretty sure most if not all of our politicians are puppets for money and power. I'm surprised all these self assessed smart people haven't figured that out by now. If they're so smart why can't they see they are doing the exact same thing just from the other side. Parroting propaganda!

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