• I think this is the start of a societal change, so no peace. Never much peace anyway Order out of Chaos.
  • Not when you have mayors and city council people that allow crime to go unchecked. When you defund and fail to appreciate the important work the police do, crime will rise. Its' not that difficult to understand.
  • I've had a peaceful life since my last divorce 20 years ago! But I guess for you that would be when you choose to claim it as your own and make it a priority! As long as you allow others to steal your peace you will never have it! Wow at all the naysayers! I rebuke your negativity! All of you are above ground! Do something to spread peace and there will be more of it!
  • It's starting to feel like "normal".
  • It's a lot more peaceful now than it was 2-3 years ago.
  • We have a bad infestation of liberalism. Not anytime soon.

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