• Just start a new account.
  • STOP using the word "retarded" as meaning stupid! It demonstrates your ignorance. A good word to use in that context is "ignoramus".
  • Does anyone else still have your old phone number if you can't remember it? If I think of anything else I'll let you know.
  • You call Twitter "retarded" and "stupid" and yet, you're the one who can't write down the details you need to access your account. Since you're the smart one in the relationship, you've no doubt utilized the "Contact Us" link...?
  • the word retarded is mean, insensitive, insulting. You can contact Twitter to see if they can help you login,
  • Wow, you'd think they don't even care...
  • Just for the record, I couldn't care less about Twitter. When I first opened an account, I had no idea how to use it and didn't for about 6 months. When I finally got around to going in and looking around to maybe teach myself how to use it, I found myself banned from the site. I hadn't made the first "tweet" - what could I have been banned for? I learned it was for "inactivity". Reaching anyone to get things sorted out was next to impossible, but I managed to get them to review my case - and the ban was upheld. It was a couple of years later that I could establish another account. Funny thing is, I still don't use Twitter, but I can access my account even after a year of inactivity. I don't really care anymore. Even Facebook bores me - I don't care anything about social media anymore.
  • It's not Twitter's fault you can't access your account. Your old phone number should have been written down on a notebook or added to your mobile device contacts. 🤷‍♀️

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