• If the link you posted were active, we might be able to hazard a guess. However, in general, there are no such things as ghosts.
  • Ghosts don't exist. Hopefully, that information helps you out.
  • Okay, I have copied and pasted what you said below and added my responses in quotes. As you can see, ladies and gents, we are being bs'ed. lol: Hello. I have caught a strange anomaly on camera by accident in my basement. The house isn't very old maybe 40-50 years old. But in the basement there is an old antique door probably about 100 years old (So how do you get a hundred year door inside a 50 year old house, lol) or close to that with a skeleton key lock (Skeleton Key? OMG Skeleton Keys are in every single Haunted house Movie there is lol) you can see where it was painted around. (what was painted, the door, the key or the wall? You aren't being very specific) The front color of the door is blue and the other color on the inside is red with lots of chipped and missing paint. (Do you mean the other side of the door, or the inside of the room it leads to?) The entity was captured behind this door in the basement. This entity appears to be old, and has changed from looking male to female. (So this 'entity' is a Transexual?) I snapped two photos of a glass pane i leaned against the basement wall (Why would you take a picture of a glass pane against a wall? Either take a picture of the wall or the glass. lol) and when i looked through my phones photo gallery i stumbled across a male entity wearing a old top hat with a brim (I never understood ghost clothing - unless the cloth has spiritual energy. ) and it changed to female after the second photo i took. I have some pictures of both figures. I was wondering if you could help me determine if this is a human entity or demonic entity or if it is evil. (Demonic entities are usually Evil & How are we going to determine this? Hey I know, its your basement, YOU I will send the pictures below. (Your link doesn't work lol)😆😈😇
    • Franco333
      Aside from Hollyweird movies, skeleton keys are prevalent with old locks, which are found on old doors. Considering there are many old houses still around since the 1800s & 1900s, there are going to be old locks on old doors....requiring skeleton keys.
  • If a entity acts malevolent, it is malevolent. Whether a 'demon', evil spirit (shade, shadow person, whatever), or ghost is not something that can be determined from a photo. Consult a Reiki practitioner that specializes in 'clearings', medium, psychic, obeah man, taoist shaman, or whatever is available in your area.

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