• Yes. I'd like her on the Twenty than that Indian assassin Andrew Jackson - Trail of Tears.
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      Thanks for your comment :)
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      You might try educating yourself on "The Trail of Tears". Jackson spent millions of dollars in the deal that purchased the Cherokee land and helped them move west. Had he not done so, the white settlers coming into Florida and expanding into North Carolina would have eventually destroyed the Indians' hunting grounds. The move was an agreement by both Indians and Jackson's administration. Only a few hundred Indians died along the way (to be expected in such primitive times and no modern medicine like we see today) The term "Trail of Tears" had nothing to do with the event. That term was a reference to something completely different and didn't appear in writing until decades later.
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      @1465 Re: Trail of Tears. As usual you are a liar. The Trail of Tears was a was a way to kill Indians. In a move from Florida to Oklahoma, the Army first marched them up to Illinois. Hundreds of thousands of died. I know because my great grandmother, 6x almost died on it. I don't know what revisionist, Faux News you are getting this crap from but you need to be exposed for the liar you are. This is from the History Channel:
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      BTW 1465 you never did tell me how you enjoyed the January 6th get-together on the Capital building. Please tell me. I'm dying to know.

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