• Yes, I don't think Verizon sends out phone books to people, I believe if you get the regular Traditional Verizon Phone service they may send out a phone book but not too sure?
  • lol i not had one for years ,but i have kept a couple ....
  • 2012 they stopped printing them. probably saved a forest or two.
  • I need one for myself, and yes, they still make them but don't deliver them at all. I wonder if the operator knows at all? I just called the phone operator, what a waste of time that was. They said to call your phone company for a phone book, but I think they are wrong for that. I'll try them now. They only referred me to a store of theirs in my area. I'll try 411 now. They said to call my phone service provider. So I am at a loss for this anymore. I am thinking I might have to go to my city hall and ask there.
  • Its been a while! I used them to line my chair in an effort to bullet proof it.
  • It was 8 or 9 years ago, I think.
  • years ago
  • Yes, this was back in the early 2000's. I was a very young teenager then. You might some copies at garage sales, swap meets or vintage stores.

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