• It did for a while for me
  • My sister still has not gotten back her sense of taste and smell.
  • everything is fine for me. I lost my sense of taste and smell for about a week. the first thing I smelled was garbage, but it was like perfume when you can't smell or taste. that was really awful.
  • Most regain their sense of smell and taste.
  • As far as I can tell, my taste has recovered completely. I was especially not tasting dairy when I was sick. (Ice cream tasted like sweet nothing, for example. My favorite tasty brand of Parmesan...I couldn't taste it at all.) These examples that I KNEW should be tasty once again taste the way I expect. I assume that I've fully recovered in that regard. *** Not so sure that I've fully recovered in all ways, though. I still seem short of breath - that is, considerably more than I was before Covid. Still: better than I was immediately after recovery. I expect it will be several weeks before I'm fully recovered in that regard. *** On the "plus" side, my mental capabilities seemed to fully recover immediately after I recovered from Covid. I've never had a disease before that made me very slow and stupid. Very difficult to do almost anything under those circumstances. Watching TV hurt my head. Don't even think about reading. I was barely able to perform the most essential of my bookkeeping duties (mainly: payroll), even though the computer does most of the work. I spent most of the time - a full two weeks plus - sitting in a chair with my eyes closed, no radio, doing literally nothing. I had NO appetite (even for the food that I could taste), and I had a very hard time eating even starvation-level calories each day. Ensure really helped. Tasted good and gave me calories and vitamins that I needed.
    • Creamcrackered
      That was a really helpful answer, and interesting.
  • My wife lost her sense of taste for about six months.

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