• Jumanji. I thought it was terrific, but the reviews were mean. I loved the rhino at the end of stampede. I was ROTFL!
  • Movie critics are not critics at all, they are ones who 1/2 watch a movie and judge on that 1/2 wittedness. I rarely agree with critics and am thinking to become one myself to do it right.
  • It's a matter of degree. Everyone I know hated Lord of the Rings. I just thought it was poor to unappealing.
  • Never. I guess I'm fairly critical of movies. Many that people consider "great" I've found severely flawed. Probably the most recent movie that I considered "great" that got mixed reviews was "Brave".
  • I don't bother to see movies that critics I respect really hated.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Isn't life easier when you let other people do the thinking for you?
  • I remember when the first couple of Harry Potter movies came out, and Christian nutbags came out of the woodwork to protest & picket the theatres because of witchcraft and evil magic (funny how it was OK in animated films like Aladdin, but what would Christians be without their blatant hypocrisy). Of course, their bigoted nonsense and hatred fell flat and got them nowhere (but to be laughingstocks) and the movies made billions of dollars and harmlessly entertained millions upon millions of people, just like the books have.
  • Never take notice of film critics, they are notoriously pompous asses who wouldn't know a good movie if one hit them in the face.
  • I have always loved the 1987 movie Maximum Overdrive, based on Stephen King's short story Trucks. King wrote and directed the film. It flopped hard when it came out. King admitted that he was on cocaine throughout the entire production, and he even went on to call it a moron movie. Somehow, it has become a big cult classic over the years, especially among tractor-trailer enthusiasts.

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