• With the Democrat in office you'll notice it changes daily in the wrong direction.
    • bostjan64
      When Bush Jr. was in office, all I heard about was how it's never the president's fault.
  • They do charge you that fraction of a cent, but it is just not displayed at all since it is beyond smaller than pennies. Other than that, the USA tries to keep its own oil fields from being tapped into in a way to save them for when other nations run out of it. That won't matter as all the time, new pockets of oil are discovered even deeper in the soil, it's just harder to get to and likely to become far too expensive.
  • supply and demand
  • Oil companies want to keep their profits up.
  • supply and demand but in NJ, they are only allowed to change prices once a week
  • The daily price of gas is designed to average out the cost of that station's bulk purchase price for the week. As to the fraction, I believe that goes back to the earlier days when people bought gas by the gallon and not the actual advertised price on the pump. It was common for people to pull up to the pumps and have the attendant put in 3 gallons or 10 gallons. They bought gas according to the size of the tank, not the size of their pocket. Here's a photo of an old gas pump that sold gas by the gallon:

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