• I find this to be all fake don't know what do you think?
  • The Bible says if somebody says there's Jesus over there don't go or if somebody says there is Jesus over there don't go the Bible says that when Jesus comes the whole world will know that he's here! It's not going to be hard to know the Bible tells us very clearly what is going to happen in that day you will consider the dwelling place of the wicked Man you'll go to look for him but he won't be there because he has been removed and only the righteous remain to possess the Earth. That means one of these mornings you're going to wake up and you're going to go outside to go to work like you usually do and you're going to notice a strange lack of cars on the road. And you'll notice that for some reason all the people that usually go to work are parked at their house and nobody's outside getting in their cars to go to work. In curiosity you'll go over next door and knock on the door. Nobody home how strange. In curiosity you'll try your other neighbor's house nobody home how strange is this where is everybody. And you'll suddenly come to the realization that you're one of the very few survivors that didn't disappear in the night into Oblivion. There will be hundreds of thousands of free houses in cars free food free clothing the stores will be loaded they'll be gold they'll be silver there'll be money. But I'll also be a lot of work the few people that are left if they want to have water and electricity they'll have to man the power plants and the water plants. And keep the gasoline and the oil refineries going to supply enough for those people that remain. Soon Jesus and his helpers will come along and help you take charge of Earth and Jesus and all his helpers that he brings with him will start teaching everybody how to replenish the Earth with nature how to bring the animals in the plants back but in the meantime you'll have the vast riches of the literally millions upon millions of people that have disappeared leaving behind everything that they own.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for sharing this with me, yes we got to be aware of false prophets or false people who claim to be Our Lord Jesus Christ so I don't talk to that girl and I deleted all the stuff she tried sharing with me

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