• 4 Leaf Clovers. Moronic clowns,disguised, As death invade your room, Sealing out the escape route, finalizing their doom. Maniacal laughter,triggered, as a bullet explodes a heart, The Reaper grins,joyful, at his brand new start. Hidden doors,mazes, puzzling those inside, Bodies turned inside out, nowhere they can hide. A razorblade toothed She-Wolf, rips out someone's throat, The Joker,drinks acid, in bliss,finally he can gloat. The Bad One appears, has a bag,what fun, Jackals lined up,targets, wasted by his machine gun. Dead dolls grin,sin,again, where no one can win, Another day,a locked room, a holiday begins. Holiday in Hell,holly berries, poisoned but sweet, Her chopped off head,a mantle, makes the room complete. His bag,no questions,no answers, just flat out lies, No beginnings,just endings, as everyone dies. Doors are shut,no flowers, roses or other fakers, Games of roulette, begging for takers. As this occurs,night terrors, repeat over and over, Pray for Death,and talk to faces on 4 leaf clovers. The Bannibal One. byeeexxx.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm not into the morbid stuff. Got about 4 lines down, though. I'd just rather choose to bring happiness into my life rather than morbidity.
    • TBO

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