• My boobs are 2 different sizes post op (and post radiation) and I still wouldn't go through surgery to even them up. So this wouldn't apply to me anyway. Also anyone who doesn't like them wouldn't be with me in the first place. Secondly anyone who would pay for it is probably more interested in the product than the person anyway. This is a cluster muck with plenty of blame on both sides. That said, if all this took place once the implants are implanted (without a loan contract prior to implant) they belong to her. And I don't think that obligates her to a lifetime of loyalty. Especially if they're not married! Whether she leaves him or not would depend on why she chooses to leave. But this is no worse than a man living off a woman to put himself through school only to dump her once he's finished schooling. But like I said about the woman it doesn't entitle her to a lifetime of loyalty and indebtedness either.
    • wiseacre
      Agreed; thanks for a great, informative answer.
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you for your appreciation! I tend to run on sometimes in my attempt to say what I'm thinking.

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