• Rule number 1 in the reptile world . NEVER house 2 differnt speices of lizards together. u have leos put it with other leos. its just a rule.
  • I've heard that leopard geckos are pretty aggressive & was advised against mixing them with my chameleon/Chinese water dragon.
  • DONT! that is rule no.1 of reptile owning, other than feeding and the obvious.
  • I wonder if rather than blindly stating what the rules are, we might get explanations for them. I have had a firebellied toad with me leopard gecko in the same tank for almost a year, and no problem. In my vivarium, I have on the land side a skink, an anole, 2 dart frogs and a red-bellied snake (they only eat worms) -- 55 gallon vivarium (with a water side with fish). It's planted, and springtails and earthworms mean I don't even have to change the substrate. I just have to change the fish water every week. I've had this going on two years now, and no problem. I suspect that I couldn't put the gecko in the vivarium, however -- he would likely see the little redbellied snake or dart frogs as food, whereas his current tank mate (the firebellied toad) is large enough that it's not food for him.

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