• Any here anything does.
  • Yes, the rumble can set off the motion sensor in the car. I've seen a Subaru with a big bore exhaust set off several in a supermarket carpark too!
  • When I lived in Detroit, anything would set off those darned things: fireworks, thunder, gunshots, people clapping, etc. It got to the point that they were useless, since you heard car alarms going off pretty much 24/7, so, if you had your own car alarm, you'd never be alerted when someone was stealing your car. Funny story - Once I was getting annoyed at this car alarm going off in the parking lot down the street for many minutes. I walked down there, and this guy had the hood open and was staring at the alarm as it was just wailing away. I unplugged the alarm and told him to get it fixed. He said thanks and drove away. About two minutes later, the cops showed up and asked me if I saw the guy stealing this lady's car. Oops. At least the cops had a good sense of humour about it and got a pretty good description of the thief. I could have been charged as an accessory. Evidently the lady heard her alarm going off and was too scared to confront the guy. He seemed so confident, I halfway wonder if he accidentally took her car mistaking it for his own or something. I never heard a follow-up, so who knows.
  • When car alarms first came out, yes, there was a lot of that, where today, I am interested in the engineering to keep it from happening.
  • It set off my alarm.
  • I've never actually heard it, but I know it does happen.
  • yes and it scared the crap out of me. sounded too close for comfort.

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