• Our Church helps with things like this and we are all invited to participate. It really touches my heart to see kids helping with things like this. After devastation cleanup, packing sanitation kits, even the ones who make it a yearly routine to help sell Christmas trees for a cause (boy scouts, maybe I don't remember) I just remember the pics of the kids I know carrying Christmas trees! I know they felt good about themselves after that. More kids need to help others. It builds self esteem! I know what its like to personally have to rebuild, too. After hurricanes, fires, homelessness and illnesses. Its the kindness of others you really remember! And hopefully it turns us back to God and His goodness!
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for your comment, yes this was very sad :)
    • Linda Joy
      They're helping here, too for those who lost water after the recent freeze:
    • Linda Joy
      I choose not to look at the sadness. Its just the blink of an eye in time. What I choose to see it as people, both victims and everyone this touches getting a life lesson in preparedness and a strength building exercise and a huge opportunity for those who want to serve their fellow man and people on both sides having the good feelings of knowing others care and want to help, and those being able to help others in need! And even people who hear about it can see the good in others during times of need.
    • Linda Joy
      Here they are providing shelter and showers for the residents of an assisted living facility whose pipes burst:

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