• To keep us divided and hating each other perhaps? To keep the donations coming in and to keep his voters angry and with him for 2024?
  • Whoever thought of that idea assumed that we would have some sort of re-vote. Donald Trump is crazy and this proves it. However he keeps on doing what he does because there are so many gullible people out there who send him money.😆
  • An overrun border, $4 dollar per. gal. gas, and historic inflation do it for me. Don't need to mess with the electoral college. Kick Brandon to the curb.
    • Hulk70166
      At least Biden isn't asking Putin for dirt on Trump, or to kill journalists.
    • Army Veteran
      @ Hulk - Biden doesn't need to - he has Adam Schiff to do all of that. Schiff will just make up something the way he did with the "whistleblower" and the "assurance" that there was "indisputable evidence" of Trump's guilt (which never materialized). Let's not forget the phone call he swore was an accurate word-for-word transcript - until Trump released the actual transcript. Then all of a sudden, he thought that a humorous "parody" should be injected into the proceedings after he got caught lying.
  • To try and get a fair election. Some states did not certify their votes according to their state election laws. Case in point: Pennsylvania. The law says that the legislature is the certifying body for that state - and yet, they tried to certify the ballots through the Secretary of State. Whenever you have states that don't follow their own election laws you can bet that there are some irregularities going on. Then you had the video of the cheating going on in Atlanta - it was time-stamped and proven to have been illegal. Wisconsin is currently investigating the 2020 elections for improprieties. Here you have three examples where there was cheating going on and the states involved used the Electoral College to their advantage to hurry and certify the elections before the fraud came out. It's interesting to note that after the 2016 elections, the Democrats wanted to do away with the Electoral College because it worked against their "popular vote" ideology. Yet, just 4 years later, these same Democrats who wanted nothing to do with an Electoral College suddenly embraced it and hurriedly used it to certify the ballots. Why such a change of heart in just 4 years? What happened that changed their confidence around? The answer is, they cheated. Hillary was too confident in 2016 and thought she had the election in the bag. That's why she just coasted to the finish line. Everyone thought Trump was a joke and couldn't possibly get more LEGAL votes than her. She pumped illegal votes into her campaign and thought she had the game won. This is why she said in the debates that she would never question the outcome - only when she lost, that's all she did was question the outcome. She tried to get Trump to accept the results as well, but he didn't trust her and refused. The 2020 election was a repeat of the 2016 election as far as fraudulent votes were concerned - only the Democrats didn't take their "popularity" for granted this time and didn't underestimate Trump. They knew the only way they could win was to cheat again with fraudulent ballots. This time, however, they pumped in enough ballots that they were able to take advantage of the Electoral College.
    • Hulk70166
      So Pennsylvania and Wisconsin didn't certify their election? How come you are the only one with this information?
    • Hulk70166
      BTW, The Trump Majority Supreme Court of the United States of America just declared Pennsylvania and Wisconsin elections valid. ****Again you are proven a liar.
    • Army Veteran
      Keep that thought - it isn't over. Coming soon: Oh - and NEVER call me a liar. EVER. If I'm wrong about something I'll concede. You are a denier - a born liar.
  • Anyone saying that the Vice President should be able to stop the certification if the vote didn't go the way the administration wanted needs to remember who is Vice President now. Do they really want Harris to be able to decertify an election won by a Republican?
  • This only riled up the crazies and divided the country more.

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