• I was taught that by my LDS parent, but as an adult I don't believe in a devil. More like the work of a scam artist.
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  • Well, I don't believe in any of that stuff, but, if there were a devil, and he was clever as in the stories, I don't think he'd waste his time with such obvious quackery.
  • The bible is against it, so this is why the churches should be against it, as their reliance should be on God, although there are "seer's" in the bible. The Lucis Trust was set up by Alice Bailey and her husband (33rd degree freemason), and her influencer was Madam Blavatsky who claimed to be a psychic, and wrote The Secret Doctrine. There are many influential figures throughout history who believe that man's evolution has been guided by spirits, including Aleister Crowley who called himself "the beast" was also part of the A.A and theosophy, evolution founder Russell Wallace, Francis Bacon and John Dee who's scrying mirror is in the British museum, and he was also the reader of the Queen's horoscopes.
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  • Have you ever read The Bible? There really are too many verses for me to copy them all in! Here is just one list from some source other than my Church: However once you know you can't pretend you don't.

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